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Our values


“As the spirit is lost in luxury, it is formed in frugality” (Chevalier de Méré).

At Drime, we only broadcast reliable, relevant and up-to-date contents. This is not just a wish, it is the virtuous consequence of our business model. Our technology is consistent with this promise, thoughtful, resource-efficient and easy to handle.


We protect individual integrity and confidentiality. We respect free will and support aspirations. Our tools are designed to serve, not to enslave or cause addictions.


“Progress is only the fulfillment of utopias” (Oscar Wilde).

Repair, protect, educate, grow virtuous initiatives... Desirable progress requires action and scaling. Our technology is therefore action-oriented in order to give everyone a piece of power over the fulfillment of their dreams.


Because our customers want to speak to all their audiences, we must do everything possible to maximize the geographic and educational accessibility as well as the technological interoperability of our solutions. Integrating diversity and promoting inclusion are issues at the heart of our concerns and our strategy.


“It is by logic that we prove, it is by intuition that we invent” (Henri Poincaré).

We want to keep a curious and open mindset because we share this conviction that the solutions to our challenges are not only in the way we try to meet them but also in the way we look at them.

Legal notices


This site is the property of the company Prompteo, SAS with capital of € 2.470, registered to the RCS of Nanterre under the number 833 430 564, whose head office is located at 7 rue d´Alembert, 92600 Asnières sur Seine, France.

For any comments or questions regarding the content of this site, please contact Mr. Benoît Guilbeau, Publishing Director, at the following email address: bguilbeau@drime.co.

This site is hosted on Heroku, a San Francisco-based company: heroku.com.

Notice relating to the use of cookies

In accordance with the ethics pursued by Drime, this site does not use cookies. No personal data is collected from users of the service. Only general browsing statistics (URLs viewed) are stored by the site editor.

Notice relating to the use of personal data

No personal data is stored in our databases. Only users who have created a free account are required to give us their email address. Creating a free account allows users to view secure content shared with them and bookmark other contents. This email address is only stored for authentication purposes and may not be used for other purposes. No resale of our user base and no sales canvassing will be made from these email addresses. Likewise, the list of users favorites remains completely private and cannot be communicated to third parties. It is only used for the proper functioning of the service.

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